American Botanical Society

Herbs for Health is devoted to bringing you the latest and best information on the benefits of medicinal herbs. Our advisory board and contributors include some of the top herbalists and complementary medical experts in the world.

These days, as more and more products crowd the market with claims of successes and cures, increasing numbers of Americans seek to educate themselves about time-honored ways to maintain their health without pharmaceutical drugs or invasive medical treatments.

Because accurate and well-researched information has become more essential than ever, Herbs for Health has teamed up with the American Botanical Council (ABC) to provide you with cutting-edge information on medicinal herbs. A non-profit organization that is to herbs what the American Medical Association is to medicine, the ABC has developed a global reputation for reliable, incisive information about the facts surrounding medicinal herbs.

HerbClip Online Find out the latest essential information about medicinal herbs in these summaries and critical reviews written by the American Botanical Council’s experts. Through HerbClip Online, you now have access to one of the world’s leading databases of valuable information about the research, marketing and possible use of medicinal plants.

The Complete German Commission E Monographs The Commission E Monographs represent the world's most accurate information on the safety and effectiveness of herbs and plant medicines. Anyone interested in any type of drug or herb therapy will find these monographs immensely informative.

Healthy Ingredients  Plants and related materials used in dietary supplements and natural cosmetics. Choose one to learn more.

ABC’s Clinical Guide to Herbs Peer reviewed by experts, this science-based educational reference book is designed for healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, health management companies, policy makers, the dietary supplement industry and consumers. The entire work has been reviewed by experts, including healthcare professionals in allied health fields as well as those selected by the accrediting agencies. Separate tables in the book summarize all of the brands mentioned in the book and include brand names in the United States, foreign product brand names, company names and company contact information.